Details emerge on new Ford Mondeo

Details have emerged on the brand new Ford Mondeo, with pictures and specification figures leading to many experts in the industry getting very excited.

While the latest Ford Fiesta and Focus may be the best selling models in the UK, the Mondeo remains one of the success stories of the global motoring giant's fleet. First unveiled back in 1992, it didn't take long for the Mondeo to start earning praise and plaudits all over the world, becoming one of the most respectable cars within the large family market.

It is believed that the new model will become available from UK Ford dealers in the final quarter of 2014, with the host of expected changes including an enlarged front grille, bringing it into line with the rest of the modern Ford fleet.

Hybrid and plug-in versions expected

In some exciting news, it is thought that the new model could arrive in a hybrid version, with a 2.0L engine combined with an electric motor offering outstanding speed with a minimal level of emissions. There are also rumours of a plug-in hybrid, known as the Ford Mondeo Energi, although this is also yet to be confirmed.

Another first for the Mondeo is that it will be offered with four-wheel drive for the first time - another clear example of how Ford aims to provide the ultimate driving experience to all their customers.

In terms of the technology found inside, the inclusion of the Ford SYNC and MyFord Touch systems will make answering phone calls and changing music input methods quicker and safer than ever before. There are also several particularly practical and safety-conscious advancements to benefit from, including blind-spot warning, active park assist and adaptive cruise control.