The Department of Transport (or DoT) have been promoting the awareness of their new Plug-In Van grant for the new generation of fully electric and electric-hybrid vans, launched earlier in the year.
They are receiving enquiries relating to the types of models which are eligible for the new Plug-In Van grant and how consumers can go about claiming the money. Interest in Plug-In Van has grown as a result, with the grant offering a significant saving on purchasing a new electric or hybrid van.
Both consumers and businesses are also enjoying the many other benefits in driving or owning a electric or hybrid van, such as; zero congestion zone charge exemption for use in London, reduced road tax costs for "N1 class" vehicles and the many other exemptions and concessions available for driving a low-emission commercial vehicle. According to the DoT website motorists purchasing one of the qualifying ultra-low emission vans, can receive a grant of up to 20 per cent, which will go towards the cost their vehicle from the list of DoT approved vehicles, up to a maximum sum of £8,000.
The Ford Connect Electric from the Transit van range is just one of the vans featured in the list of DoT approved vehicles. For more information in the new Plug-In Van grant, go to the Department of Transport's website.
If you are currently considering a the purchase of a low emission commercial van or you thinking about buying one of the new Ford vans shortly, simply pop into your local commercial Ford dealer to see what great deals they have in store for you?