Despite the fragile state of the global economy, December proved to be a great month for commercial vehicles in the UK and abroad, with overall registrations up 7.5% on the same period last year. Specific van registrations rose by 5.4% in EU countries and almost 8% in the UK.
In total, 2011 saw close to two million newly registered commercial vehicles being used around Europe. This represents an upturn of 9.9% on the previous year's figures and has given van producing companies cause for cautious optimism heading into 2012.
Automotive experts have cited a gradual improvement in the world's finances as an important factor, as well as a growing consensus within organisations that the purchase of commercial vehicles can be a sound and cost-effective business investment.
These figures will be welcomed by Transit van manufacturers Ford, as the enduringly popular range celebrates another great year with sales of both new and used models.