Dealer finance for majority of new car sales


With the recent news that new car sales within the UK have increased once again, for the third consecutive month, more and more information has been released via a wide range of organisations to give a clear and concise perspective on the upturn.

A report by the Finance & Leasing Association (FLA) has shown that during the past 12 months more than two thirds of all new purchases of cars within the UK have been funded by dealer finance. The research shows that while many people are keen to buy Ford cars, not many are able to find the upfront funds; it also highlights just how dealer financing has become one of the more competitive options for afford a car.

There are numerous special dealer based schemes that potential car buyers can look into, for example if you were looking into purchasing a new Ford car for sale at your nearest Ford car dealership you would find manufacturer  backed low and zero interest schemes available.

So if you are interested in buying a new car be sure to check out your dealerships range of finance options first before anything else!