Data reveals new Ford Fiesta bought every two minutes

New sales figures published by the automotive analysts Jato Dynamics have revealed that one first hand Ford Fiesta was bought every two minutes on average in 30 European countries during 2012.

This incredible statistic means that, unsurprisingly, the Fiesta is now ranked as the best selling car of its size type in the entire continent, demonstrating a universal appeal which spans many different nations and their drivers.

Ford car dealers were inundated with enquires for this now classic model last year, despite the fact that its first instalment was released in 1976, showing the impressive longevity that it continues to enjoy. In total, the Fiesta shifted 306,405 units in the 30 nations studied, which accounts for a substantial portion of the overall figure of 953,174 for all brands registered by the manufacturer.

The data also showed that 110,000 Fiestas were sold in the UK alone in 2012, which once again secured its position as the most popular car amongst the buying public in this country; a spot it has held every year since 2009.

Ford have now launched their hotly anticipated 2013 edition of the Fiesta model, which was celebrated through the holding of a 'Fiesta Day' in showrooms across the UK on January 24th. A number of other innovative events were staged by the Michigan company to mark the release as well, including a Facebook app that automatically matches users with their ideally designed Fiesta, and the chance for online fans to submit videos chronicling their 'perfect 24 hours' in the car.

Both new and used Ford car dealers are expected to enjoy another successful year in terms of sales of Fiestas and other brands, with the vehicle continuing to enjoy great reviews from members of the public and industry experts alike. New features included in the 2013 Fiesta include a 1.0-litre EcoBoost engine, and the groundbreaking MyKey and Active City Stop safety systems.

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