Daily deals and offers come to your Ford car


With Ford's SYNC in-car infotainment system becoming more and more available within Europe and the UK, more and more people are looking for applications that could be used with it, that would increase their driving experience as a whole.

One of the latest and most innovative applications to be launched so far has just been released via iTunes; the daily deal application Roximity. The application is available for not only Ford's SYNC system but also for Smartphone's such as the iPhone. The application works very much like a location based ‘Groupon' application and Ford were so impressed with the software during their Developer Challenge last year, that they awarded it the top prize.

The system is now available with many Ford cars for sale and allows GPS-based deals to be shown on the in-car screen. The SYNC system is equipped with voice control meaning drivers can simply say ‘Lunch deals' and immediately get information pertaining to close by offers and deals based upon the vehicle's geographical location.

For more information on the Ford SYNC system or to discover Ford's fabulous range of vehicles, visit your nearest Ford car dealers.

Image credit: Sinchen.Lin