Criteria for Selection of Fleet Vehicles Continues to Shift

The results of a 2012 survey conducted by GE Capital have just been released, and they show a continued and decisive trend towards the selection of vehicles based upon their CO2 emissions, with “fitness for purpose” also showing up as a strong contender along with the vehicle’s maximum monthly rental costs.

The survey is conducted quarterly, and is considered an important gauge of shifts within the priorities of industry in general as well as fleet managers in particular. Over 170 fleet managers participated in this latest version. Seven major categories were identified, including safety features, vehicle cost per mile, maximum engine capacity, maximum monthly rental, fitness for purpose, CO2 emissions. A remarkable one in ten fleet managers indicated no criteria at all, saying that they allowed the decision as to what vehicle should be used as a company car to be made by the employee. This runs counter to the trend of vehicle efficiency and utility; even more surprising is the fact that this number showed a 25% increase over the same study conducted three years earlier.

Safety features was the only category that showed a decline in from three years ago, perhaps because vehicles are viewed as being safer overall. The importance of CO2 emissions increased 31%, fitness for purpose increased by ten percent, and the importance of maximum monthly rental increased by 18% while vehicle cost per mile’s importance was at 31%, perhaps pointing again to the importance of fuel efficiency.

The new Ford Transit Custom, Connect and Fiesta Vans score highly on all these criteria, especially fuel economy and Co2 emissions.