The estimated cost to the UK economy of traffic congestion on the country's roads has been revealed in a new report, with some of the results making for intriguing reading.
The necessity of road authorities taking measures to curb the amount of crowding on the country's highways is very well illustrated by the research, which was carried out by the software company INRIX and officials from the Centre for Economics and Business Research. In total, the report speculated that £4.3 billion is wasted every year by people waiting on roads, which equated to roughly £491 for every household of commuters.
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The CEO of INRIX, Bryan Mistele, discussed the findings of his organisation's research in a statement, which explained that the consequences of traffic congestion went much further than many people may have imagined. Mistele said that everything from our journey times and fuel consumption to even the price of food and drink that has to be delivered to shops by road are affected in one way or another by congestion.
Mistele went on to say that he believed the study shows the increased importance of making sure congestion is reduced in these times of austerity, as the avoidable costs that accompany overly busy roads are having a disproportionately damaging effect on the UK economy as a whole.
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