Comparison website highlights the Ford Fiesta


Research carried out by a leading price comparison website has shown just how savvy people have become when it comes to buying car insurance dependant on car size and performance.

The survey carried out by Confused has show that 76% of people questioned have admitted that they have to compromise on vehicles due to the sheer climbing costs of insurance and daily running costs. But with so many great Ford cars for sale this is certainly not bad, as the research has found the Fiesta to be one of the best compromises.

Out of 2000 people surveyed, the largest majority said they chose a Ford Fiesta as their first car, with the Mini coming in second place.  Research carried out shows that the Fiesta can almost half insurance costs for many new drivers, making it an ideal choice for a first car to buy at Ford car dealers across the country.

The insurance price comparison site has also given some handy tips for first-time buyers:-

First of all decide how much you can afford to pay for your first car; not just the sum to buy the car itself but also the running costs -insurance, MOT, vehicle excise duty, petrol, repairs and servicing.

Shop around on a price comparison site.

Add an experienced named driver onto your insurance.

Image Credit: IFCAR