Commercial Vehicle Resale Values on the Rise


Data released by British Car Auctions (BCA) is leaving fleet managers feeling very optimistic about the economy, as they report that the vans that are being sold by corporate fleets are highly prized and difficult to come by. This is making the prices rise significantly.

The impact of increasing demand on the part of professional buyers and limited supply of vehicles coming from commercial fleets has translated into prices of vehicles sold hitting record highs three months in a row.

The buyers of the vehicles are retail dealers. They are in need of quality vans that they can include on their used sales lot, and the vehicles that come from corporate fleets are particularly attractive to them and to the buyers who come to them for vehicles because they have only had a single owner and they have highly detailed records of their service history. Bidding for the vehicles has been highly aggressive, and values have been on the rise. October showed an increase of 1.7% over September, and was the third consecutive month to show an increase. For the year the difference in value has shown an increase of over 25 percent, though the age of the vehicles and the mileage registered are lower.

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