One of the largest commercial van insurers, ‘Swinton Commercial,' have just carried out a survey in which they set themselves the task to discover which sandwich tops the poll for van drivers in the UK.
The release of the poll is very apt, as the ‘British Sandwich Week' is currently taking place (12th-19th May) and with van drivers being one of the largest consumers of sandwiches in the UK.
1000 commercial van drivers, such as those driving Ford Transit vans, were asked about their favourite filled butty, with the top result being the BLT (Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato), closely followed by Ham and Cheese.
The BLT topped the poll, with 30% of all van drivers agreeing that the breakfast special was the most tasty and satisfying whilst out on the road in vehicles such as new Ford vans.
Here are the top six best British sandwiches as voted by van drivers.

1. BLT (30%)
2. Ham and Cheese (25%)
3. Coronation Chicken (20%)
4. Corned Beef (12%)
5. Tuna and Sweetcorn (10%)
6. Ploughman's Lunch (3%)