Commercial Drivers Superior to “Perk” Drivers

A recent study of driving statistics conducted in the UK by LeasePlan, the fleet management company, has yielded surprisingly positive results regarding the driving habits of commercial fleet drivers. The survey involved over 28,000 drivers, including both “perk” drivers and commercial van drivers and analysed the costs that their driving racked up in the areas of maintenance, violations, and accidents. The results showed that perk drivers were responsible for a significantly higher average amount for their employers when it came to both accident costs and out-of-contract maintenance costs. Commercial drivers did show a higher cost when it came to traffic tickets, violations and fines, but the lower accident costs were surprising, particularly keeping in mind the larger size and weight involved with most commercial vans.

The results were broken down not only by whether drivers were responsible for commercial vehicles versus passenger, but also by what industry they worked within. The highest costs were associated with those in the leisure and information technology sectors, while predictably, drivers working in government and finance proved to be the most conservative and least costly.

The overall results proved that commercial fleet drivers are probably getting far more criticism than they deserve, and that industry efforts at teaching economical and safe driving habits are paying off.