Classic UK Ford car to star in Hollywood film


One Ford enthusiast is set to have one of his vehicles hit the limelight, as it has just been purchased to be used in one of the most popular motoring influenced film franchises ever, The Fast and the Furious series.

Alan Davis has been a lifelong Ford Escort enthusiast and after deciding that he needed a little more space in his garage, he decided to advertise one of his collection in classic car magazine. Alan received a phone call soon after from someone involved with Shepperton film studios, who were very interested in purchasing his fully restored and rally customised 1970 Ford Escort.

Apparently the next instalment of the Fast and the Furious, number six in the series, is due to have scenes in England, amongst other European countries, and will have a plotline that revolves around classic cars.

So keep an eye out for what was once one of the most popular Ford cars for sale in the action packed feature film. To see why Ford are still going from strength to strength, why not visit your nearest Ford car dealership to see their vehicles in action?

Image credit: Alan_D (flickr)