Charging Points for Electric Cars

As part of the government’s continuing push for greener cars and roadways, an additional £37 million is being made available to a variety of municipalities and public transit areas to enable them to bid on having charging points for electric cars installed on their properties and surrounding areas. These bonus funds, which are being offered to businesses and locales ranging from train operators to hospitals, come on the heels of £500 million that has already been provided as an incentive for people to purchase ultra low-emission vehicles.

The electric vehicles require electric charge to operate, and the lack of accessibility to charging stations has been a point of hesitation for both consumers considering making the switch and for fleet operators who can’t have their drivers on the road without easy access to refueling. The available funds mean that the government will be paying 75 percent of the installation of the charging points, with the hopes that with the added financial assistance, they will be installed in parking lots and streets throughout the country.

According to Norman Baker, Transport Minister, the additional access will be a boon to those who already have the cars and who have been considering them:

‘This is brilliant news for those already using these vehicles and will give greater confidence to those who are considering making the switch to electric. With new models coming to market every month from major motor vehicle manufacturers and running costs of 2p to 3p a mile, these vehicles are an increasingly attractive option for many consumers and businesses.’

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