Cautious welcome for DfT safety proposals

A newly published Green Paper which aims to improve safety on the roads has been cautiously welcomed by the Motor Schools Association (MSA).

The proposals, focusing particularly on the behaviour of young and other newly qualified drivers, were put together by the Department for Transport (DfT), and should ensure that the vast majority of safe road users who have bought a model from Ford UK or another dealer will not come to harm on their travels.

A selection of planned measures are outlined in the document, including the introduction of minimum learning periods for trainee drivers, motorway tuition and a more rigorous and comprehensive practical test.

On top of this, there are plans to up the existing probationary period in which a new license can be revoked if its holder picks up over six penalty points from two to three years, as well as the further encouragement of post-test training, and potential temporary driving restrictions in the first few months after passing.

It is also thought that the measures, if they are given the go-ahead, will lead to lower insurance premiums for young drivers, which critics say are currently often set at almost unaffordable rates. However, the national chairman of the MSA, Peter Harvey, has said that the government should be careful to make sure that any changes 'must be about saving lives – particularly young lives', and not just about creating financial savings.

Pending a consultation and full publication, it is expected that the proposals will be fully enacted by the end of next year. 

Every new Ford Fiesta for sale, as well as the rest of the 2013 range that can be purchased from the manufacturer's showrooms around the South West and beyond, provide excellent safety values, and will act to bolster any protective legislation that comes into force in the future.

Image credit: Lhan817 (Wikimedia Commons)