Catch the Ford Focus ST in action this weekend


Ford enthusiasts will be flocking to one of the UK's largest motoring events this weekend, as the Goodwood Festival of Speed takes place. The event runs every year at the Goodwood estate in Essex and this year, amongst the many great and action packed features, there will be an exciting chance to see the Ford Focus ST in action.

The Focus ST will be re-enacting a scene from the upcoming Sweeney remake, where it is pitted against a Jaguar XFR. The vehicles will be under the control of stunt drivers and will certainly make the whole experience as memorable as the film scene!

The Festival of speed is taking place this weekend between, June 29th and July 1st, and is set to be a very big deal for the Ford Motor Company. There will be many vehicle debuts and a chance for visitors to view the huge range of Ford cars for sale in Europe, available from Ford car dealerships.