Car output continues to rise in the UK


Figures released have shown that the UK motor industry is still on the increase with car output rising for the 13th consecutive month.

During July 2012, car output increased by 22.2% and 15.1% for the whole year to date, showing that even though there is plenty of uncertainty in Europe still, long term growth has continued through many opportunities alongside the UK manufactured vehicle's global appeal .

During July 2012 119,882 vehicles were manufactured in UK car assembly plants, with 94,490 being exported to other countries, leaving 25,392 vehicles to be registered on home soil.

Next month will be one of the busiest months for car dealerships such as Ford car dealers, with the introduction of the new 62 plate resulting in even more demand for vehicles such as the many great Ford cars for sale currently.

Image credit: Taneli Rajala