Each year, the European Transport Safety Council holds awards that provide rewards for organisations and individual help towards preventing road traffic accidents. Open to companies of all sizes the European Safety Council aims to motivate more practices and innovations within road safety.
A final call has been announced for those wishing to enter for this year's entries, in what will be the third consecutive event held. The ETSC have also released the criteria that entrants should abide by to be considered for the awards. An example is evidence that safety processes have occurred, i.e. risk assessments, written policies or even formal structures put in place.
So, if you are a fleet owner or driver and wish to nominate your company, now is certainly the time. In the past, companies such as the Ford Motor Group have been awarded and commended by the organisation. Its safety features in the past have been modified bumpers and bonnets that protect pedestrians in-case of an accident, something that many new Ford vans such as Ford Transit vans have been equipped with.