Campaign reveals £50,000 cost of drink-driving

A government campaign has warned risk taking motorists of the staggering potential costs of drink-driving, which has been estimated at as much as £50,000.

The latest initiative to form part of the THINK! programme, which is now well established across the UK, was assisted by the gathering of data by the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM), who arrived at this incredible figure by taking into account all of the costs which can accompany a drink-driving conviction; fines, higher insurance rates, substantial legal fees and the loss of a job all contributed towards this final total.

Whilst those running the campaign believe that an overall individual cost is more likely to be around the £20,000 mark, there can be no doubting that this is still an extremely large amount of money to pay unnecessarily, and can completely cancel out the savings to be made by purchasing a high value vehicle from one of the UK's specialist Ford car dealers.

Stephen Hammond, the government's Road Safety Minister, summarised the risks of drink-driving by explaining that although 'it might only look like a humble pint of beer', having any more than you should could result in a 'heavy court fine', a driving ban, and possibly even a prison sentence.

The campaign will be supported by the re-airing in spring of a popular THINK! advert that first appeared several years ago, which highlights the dangers of drink-driving by showing a barman putting on the voices of several characters including a magistrate, a policeman, a spouse and an employer, before asking the viewer 'so, what's it going to be?'.

New and used Ford cars offer excellent economy rates at a low initial outlay, but drink-driving can quickly erode the benefits of such favourable prices; as the Chief Executive of the IAM, Simon Best, commented: 'it's best to make it none for the road'.

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