The Freight Transport Association (FTA) are one of the largest trade associations in the UK and are responsible for representing the interests of companies that move goods via road, rail, sea and air. Within the past few days, the organisation has released a statement claiming that all new vans should be fitted with speed limiters as standard.
The group have given their reasons for the call for change, citing that limiters would not only lower fuel consumption but also reduce the number fines for speeding; making it a change that could well benefit van owners such as those that drive Ford Transit vans on a regular basis.
Other plus points to the proposed changes have been noted as being: reduced repair costs, lower maintenance costs, and reduced stress for drivers.
Of course these suggested changes are just that, suggested changes, and it is not expected for them to come into effect, certainly not in the near future. If you are looking for an economical van that can give you much better fuel economy and reduced maintenance bills, be sure to check out your nearest commercial vehicle dealer's range of new Ford vans.