A statement from the British Vehicle Renting and Leasing Association (BVRLA) has repeated a warning for the third year in a row concerning the problem of fake companies offering cheap rates for the hire of nonexistent transport over the Christmas period.
A total of five tips have been published by the BVRLA to try and prevent people falling foul of the scams, which claim to offer drivers looking for seasonal rental deals the services of new Ford vans and other models, but in fact have no legitimacy whatsoever.
According to the statement, these bogus 'promotions' have been appearing on both the internet and, more worryingly, in the mainstream press over each of the last two years, with the chief executive of the BVRLA, John Lewis, pointing out that they 'really are too good to be true'.
Lewis explained that it is surprisingly easy for teams of unscrupulous 'businessmen' to set up both call centres and websites which have a high level of sophistication and are difficult to detect as being illegitimate, so consumers need to be particularly vigilant when arranging their festive transport and make one hundred per cent sure that they are hiring from a bona fide company.
The statement went on to say that following their five simple steps should always be enough to ensure that no drivers fall foul of these fake operations this Christmas; some of their tips include not parting with any cash which cannot be traced and, perhaps most importantly, thoroughly checking that the firm's premises are real and can be visited, rather than just a 'virtual office' or PO Box address.
With all this in mind, we are here to reassure you that arranging the hire or sale of our vans in Dorset or elsewhere from one of our highly reputable South West showrooms gives you access to a service which is as reliable and trustworthy as it could possibly be.