BVRLA Creates Brochure to Help with LCV Modifications

Despite the initial efforts of the Vehicle Certification Agency (VCA), British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Administration members have expressed frustration and confusion with the various requirements for getting approval for modifications they make to their light commercial vehicles. Now the BVRLA has published a brochure designed to make the rules more accessible.

The brochure, titled Guide to LCV Type Approval, will summarize and address each aspect of the newly established European Community Whole Vehicle Type Approval ECWVTA) process which has, up ‘til now, proved daunting for members. The ECWVTA was designed to encapsulate all rules needed for modifications made to light commercial vehicles under 3.5 tonnes. Unfortunately, many light body builders have been unaware or unclear on the new rules, so the BVRLA is providing the brochure to its members and asking that they distribute them to the various vendors that they work with.

In addition to addressing the actual modifications that may and may not be made, the brochure will also spell out the agreement that was reached regarding the types of modifications that can escape the need for an extensive approval process and can instead be done by the body-builders themselves as long as they have been approved. A list of approved body-builders and converters is expected to be published shortly, and the new Guide to LCV Type Approval contains wording for a clause that owners can request be included in their contracts indemnifying them if their contractor loses their approval.

For those whose modifications fall outside of the norm, the wait time for inspection by a VOSA inspector is expected to be as long as 18 weeks.

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