The government has released figures stating that tax on diesel will be reduced, causing a large impact on diesel van drivers, as diesel will be far cheaper. The proposed removal of the 3% ‘BIK Surcharge' on diesel may not sound much, but will mean considerable savings for those who drive diesel vans regularly and use large amounts of fuel.
Ever innovative, the Ford Motor Company have developed their greenest Transit Van ever, which is planned to be produced in 2013 in America and could see its newly developed features included within Ford's European range.
This new Transit Van will offer a fuel economy improvement of over 25%! This will mean that van drivers will not only benefit from reduced diesel prices, but also from amazing fuel economy improvement in New Ford Vans.
Ford are also aiding their customers in both financial and economical decisions, with their Vehicle Emissions and Fuel Cost Calculator, which essentially allows a customer to choose the vans and commercial vehicles from Ford that make most sense to the specific company, taking fuel economy, CO2 and numbers of vehicles required. All of these changes and developments will mean huge benefits for van drivers, meaning they can maximise their profit margins, with less money spent on fuel.