'Brake' Publishes Valuable Maintenance Guide for Fleets

Brake, the UK’s road safety charity that is dedicated to preventing death and injury on the roadways, has made available a new best practice leaflet specifically designed to assist fleets in making sure that their vehicles are in good condition. The pamphlet is available at no charge to Brake subscribers or can be purchased for just 5GBP by non-subscribers, with the first 25 non-subscribers who sign up to receive the report receiving them at no charge.

Brake’s goal in publishing the guide is the reduction of breakdowns and repair costs, as well as the prevention of deadly or injurious crashes. It includes a fascinating report on how Speedy Services maintains its vehicle. The brochure’s publication was made possible through its Fleet Safety Forum and the Institute of Road Transport Engineers.

The statistics regarding the crashes as they relate to vehicle maintenance issues is startling. In 2012 there were over 2,000 crashes in Britain that were attributed to vehicle defects, and over 30 of those resulted in deaths. Despite these frightening numbers, the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency found that over one third of vehicles on the road were found to have mechanical defects, most of which could have been detected through simple checking procedures. The brochure provides simple steps that fleet managers can take to make sure that their company’s fleet is safe and roadworthy. It also provides valuable insight into what can happen when a company is not in compliance with regulations. The brochure discusses the right ways to discuss safety and maintenance with drivers, as well as to report and address problems.