Boxing clever to stop phone use

Road safety charity Brake is joining forces with Ford in a new campaign to tackle one of the biggest killers on British roads: mobile phone misuse.


The idea is to banish handsets from the driver’s sight – and place them in the glove box. The campaign re-names the glove box as the ‘phone box’ and encourages drivers to keep all handsets hidden when the car is being driven.


Despite new laws and tougher penalties, new research from Ford and Brake reveals that over half of British drivers still admit to using their phone while driving, with over a third (37 per cent) choosing to keep their phone in view.


Recently released data from the Department for Transport (DfT) shows that (since 2012) there has been a 79 per cent rise in mobile phone related collisions on UK roads, with fatalities increasing by 88 per cent.


Ford sees repurposing the glove box as a simple and effective way of changing driver behaviour to help make Britain’s roads safer. To provide a visual aid prompting drivers to put their phone out of sight, Ford has created a #MyNewPhonebox sticker.


The #MyNewPhoneBox sticker can be collected at the annual Ford DSFL event on the 17th-19th November at London’s ExCeL. In addition to learning about the real danger of mobile phone distraction, newly licensed drivers can also develop the necessary skills for safe driving beyond those taught in standard driver education programmes. The free training includes hazard recognition, vehicle handling and the avoidance of a wide-range of additional distractions, exemplified through simulated impairment activities in Ford’s Drink and Drug Driving suits.