Black and Red Editions of Ford Fiesta available

The Ford Motor Company has unveiled Red and Black Editions of the Ford Fiesta, offering a unique model that comes with unparalleled power and performance compared to the standard version.

Still standing among the most celebrated new Ford vehicles across the world, the Fiesta has been at the top of its class since it was first unveiled back in 1976 and more than 16 million models have been sold to date.

The Black and Red Editions of the Ford Fiesta offer style and performance in abundance, and while the majority of the interior is black, the minor splashes of red help to add a touch of class. In terms of the Black Edition, the exterior will sport black paint with red highlights around the grille, as well as a red roof and mirrors; the effects are reversed for the Red edition.

More powerful EcoBoost engine

The models will be powered by the critically acclaimed 1.0 EcoBoost engine, although it has been boosted to offer 138bhp and a subsequent 0-62mph time of just 9 nine seconds. The marriage of performance and efficiency remains at the forefront of Ford’s future and while the new edition offers more power than the conventional model, it still sports a fuel economy of 63mpg and CO2 emissions of 104g/km.

Other changes from the regular model include adjustments to the sports suspension, making it 10mm lower and 12 per cent stiffer at the front, and six per cent stiffer at the rear – alterations that are sure to benefit the driver.

While many would presume that the Black and Red Editions of the Ford Fiesta will be special edition models, prospective owners can be safe in the knowledge that there are is no limit on production numbers.

If you are keen to learn more about the Black and Red Editions of the Ford Fiesta, or even any other models from the marque, why not visit one of Foray Motor Group’s official Ford dealerships today?

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