B-MAX compares favourably to MPV rivals in review

The Ford B-MAX has been receiving some great reviews from around the automotive industry since it was released in the UK this September, and its many impressive features have now been compared favourably to its rivals by a leading online publication.

Describing the B-MAX as a 'direct hit', the reviewer notes that this new model owes much to the enduringly popular Ford Fiesta; the B-MAX was based on this car, which is consistently the best selling on the UK market, and therefore has the advantage of being a much more pleasurable drive than its main contemporaries in the MPV field.

Praising the slightly older family used Ford cars which came before it, the C-MAX and the S-MAX, the author of the article states that this latest addition to the manufacturer's forecourts has 'thrown the MPV class wide open', roundly disproving the old notion that larger, practical vehicles are necessarily cumbersome and unattractive.

The B-MAX was given a high overall rating of four out of five stars, matching even the best example of the other cars it was up against in the tests, and won in almost every comparison that was made.

As has been the case with many of the reviews that have come in for the B-MAX so far, the reviewer singled out the extremely convenient entrance and exit of the vehicle as one of its highlights, with the lack of a central pillar and ingenious sliding doors providing accessibility which the article says 'few family cars' would be able to match.

The B-MAX is now available at your local Ford car dealership, so why not book up for a test drive of it today? If this positive review isn't enough to tempt you into considering a purchase, trying it out for yourself is sure to.

Image credit: Ben Hosking (flickr.com)