AppLink launched on Ford’s European fleet

The Ford Motor Company has begun rolling out AppLink across its fleet of European models, meaning that drivers can interact with aspects of their car easier than ever.

Powered by Nuance technology, Sync Applink allows drivers to control apps directly from either an Android or iOS device using only their voice, meaning they can spend more time with their eyes on the road. Whether you want to make a phone call to friends and family, adjust the music volume or perhaps have a text message read aloud, these can all be achieved through just a few words.

A host of apps are compatible with the software, including Spotify, Tom Tom, and Cityseeker. Another interesting feature is ‘Glympse’ an app created by Ford which allows users to post their location directly to Facebook.

When driver is using an app, AppLink locks the screen of the mobile device to reduce the tendency to reach down to use by hand. All the user has to do in order for AppLink to work is link their Android handset or iPhone to the car.

Most intuitive version
It is said to be the most intuitive version of the software ever created by the company, with the much improved level of accuracy meaning that users no longer have to use any pre-configured voice actions. AppLink is installed on a host of new Ford vehicles as standard, with the EcoSport, Fiesta, Focus, B-Max, C-Max and Kuga all benefitting from the futuristic software.

It’s a great example of how Ford are continuing to bring the latest and greatest technology into their vehicles, all of which are designed to help enhance the experience for both drivers and passengers alike. To learn more about this superb piece of technology, why not visit an official Ford dealer today?

This content was written by Ben Edwards. Please feel free to visit my Google+ Profile to read more stories.