App shows Ford drivers where to charge electric cars

A new smartphone app released by Ford will allow electric car drivers in the US to see at the touch of a button where they can charge up their alternatively fuelled vehicle.

MyFord Mobile will be welcomed by those who have bought ultra low emission transport from one of the Ford car dealers which specialise in these innovative models, with the manufacturers obtaining their mapping information through a partnership with the successful PlugShare charging point app.

This means that a large majority of all 11,500 charging spots in the US and Canada can now be identified within seconds by Ford drivers who are using the app, which will reduce the possibility of running out of battery life or having to travel for longer than necessary to get to an already known charging point location.

With plug-in hybrid versions of the Ford Focus, C-MAX and Fusion now all available stateside, the creation of this app will be seen as another important step towards the mainstream introduction of electric cars across the US and, before long, the global vehicle market as a whole.  

Although the app is not currently available in the UK, a helpful initiative has just been launched in the East of England for electric car owners, which has the potential to be rolled out elsewhere in the near future. Under the new scheme, motorists will be able to apply for a £1,000 grant which will cover the cost of installing a chargepoint at home. Successful applications will also give free membership to the region's existing charging network.

These groundbreaking electric vehicles are dominating transport industry headlines at the moment, but those who are on a strict budget and looking for the best value for money possible on their next purchase will be pleasantly surprised by the high economy and low emission rates of the vehicles available from used Ford car dealers in the South West and beyond.

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