Another strong review for the 2013 Ford Fiesta

A great deal of excitement is building around the upcoming release of the 2013 Ford Fiesta and positive write-ups are continuing to pour in from around the automotive world. The latest has just been published by a leading reviews website, and is sure to entice more people to take a trip to one of their local Ford car dealers soon and place an order for this hotly anticipated model.

Describing the Fiesta brand as turning into something of an unexpected 'style icon' recently, the review states that this now classic domestic car has gone from being a good vehicle to a great one in the thirty five years since its first edition was released.

The reviewer writes positively of many different aspects of the 2013 Fiesta, but pays particular attention to the new instalment's aesthetic improvements and inclusion of a host of groundbreaking technological features that it notes as 'unexplored territory'.

The new Fiesta is described in the article as feeling impressively advanced and 'futuristic', despite being a mass market car (as is reinforced by the fact that it has consistently remained at the top of the UK's best selling vehicle charts for a long time), with the review full of praise for the brand new in-car Sync entertainment system, which offers an unrivalled amount of user control and multimedia options when it comes to the ever growing 'supermini' class.

The author of the review was especially impressed with the accuracy of the Sync's voice recognition system, explaining that it is not only handy in terms of convenience but also goes a long way towards ensuring the safety of the car's driver, greatly reducing the number of distractions that have been an issue within cars in the past, such as changing CDs.

Both new and used Ford car dealers across the South West can provide buyers with a range of quality Fiestas, with each edition of the model extremely well regarded for its reliability, efficiency and highly consistent performance.

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