Annual Fleet Manager Meeting Addresses Challenges


The annual meeting of members of the Fleet News Fleet200, a consortium of the largest fleets in Britain, was held to assess and address the major goals and challenges that they face while running their companies’ fleets.

The managers, who have responsibility for both cars and vans for their organizations, concur that they all have the need to prove their value to their companies by reducing cost and increasing efficiencies through the effective management of their fleets.

There are a number of areas where managers feel that they can lead and make a difference, including their dealings with contractors, supply vendors and service providers. Negotiating with each of these outside arenas can help the fleet manager increase efficiency and further justify their existence within the organization.

The crux of the message that fleet managers left the meeting with was the need for them to exert their leadership. According to Mark Cartwright of the Freight Transport Association, far too many companies aren’t appropriately addressing the need for risk management, particularly in vans. Doing so enables fleet managers to accomplish major savings, and this can often be done without sacrificing quality of either vehicle or service.

For most van fleet managers, the top priority for the future is the reduction of cost, and most are looking to everything from fuel pricing to technology to help them accomplish their goals.

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