Intelligent All Wheel Drive is a key safety feature

Many of us need to be mobile whatever the road or weather conditions but that doesn’t always mean we want to drive round in an SUV.

Ford recognises that one of the best solutions is to bring the option of four wheel drive to a selection of its mainstream models bringing SUV versatility when it comes to keeping going when the going gets tough.

Four wheel drive has long been an option on the Kuga, currently enjoying its best time ever for sales and now heavily revised to become New Kuga. Those mechanical parts that make the Kuga’s intelligent All Wheel Drive (iAWD) such a success are also options on Mondeo, S-MAX, and Galaxy.

But what do they bring to the party? Amazing sure footedness that gives fantastic extra grip when road conditions are tricky.

It’s now a familiar feature of weather forecasts to get amber or red warnings. Don’t drive unless it’s essential, but if the bad weather strikes unexpectedly when you’re miles from home or you have a job, such as a doctor, vet, or midwife, where you just have to get from A to B then it’s time to think about Ford’s intelligent All Wheel Drive on your next car.

How does it work? Basically, the car thinks for itself and detects which wheels have the most grip. It sends the power from the engine to those wheels to keep them turning and the car moving with greater stability.

Intelligent all wheel drive ensures that the car should keep moving on ice, snow, or through standing surface water and at the same time having power to the front wheels ensures they can still steer effectively. You stand more chance of remaining in control when you hit the unexpected. Of course, we would never recommend you take risks or drive beyond your capabilities but intelligent all wheel drive helps enhance your driving experience to keep you safer.