If you are looking to buy a new commercial vehicle you'll find that new Ford vans are some of the best choices, for reliability, affordability, and safety. But even though you will find the latest security features installed on vehicles such as Ford Transit vans, you may want to secure your van even more by investing in extra features.
One such instrument has just been unveiled at the Commercial Vehicle Show in Birmingham; the Link 510 tracking device. Created by the well respected TomTom, the device aims to not only allow the tracking of a vehicle and its movement, but also can help with fuel efficiency, if used with fleet management system software.
One of the devices advantages is that it is quick and easy to install and works alongside current software for fleet management. In recent years many manufacturers have begun developing more and more ways to reduce fuel consumption, not only to save the customer money in the long term, but to also protect the environment by suppressing fossil fuels.