Since their introduction, Transit vans have been linked to the world of music. Passing any venue during the weekend will undoubtedly allow you to catch a glimpse of various cases and amplifiers being loaded out of Ford's most successful commercial vehicle.
One van owner in China has found a very unique way to give his van a musical function by turning it into a mobile sound system. The white Ford Transit is equipped with 20 x 80 Watt speakers in the cargo hold, with another 30 speakers located in the back doors. The vehicle will certainly find itself in demand at festivals, parties or any other live event.
One interesting venture that Ford has recently become involved in is the ‘Bands in Transit' project, where many up and coming and established bands perform tracks from the back of the flagship Ford commercial van.
Once again, this shows just how flexible Ford Transit vans can be, with the new Ford vans still remaining at the top of the European van market.