Festivals in the Fiesta – a guide to visiting the festivals and packing everything in

Summer is on its way, and so too is the All-New Ford Fiesta - just in time for festival season! So many of us enjoy ringing in the summer, and enjoying that small but oh so glorious window for basking in the British sun, by heading on down to a festival. The great amount on offer is a testament to the UK’s passion for celebrating music, art, food and culture. There truly is something for everyone.

Britain’s festival circuit has it all, but you still need to get there. No one wants to lug their tents, clothing and everything else on public transport, so why not take to them in your brand new Ford Fiesta – coming soon to your local Ford dealership.

Starting at £15,445, the Fiesta is available in either a 1.0, 1.1, or 1.5 litre diesel engine, and with its numerous state-of-the-art features, such as the Active Park Assist – super handy for festivals – this is truly the perfect ride for your summer adventures.

There really is so much to love about the new Ford Fiesta, but the best way to get to know your new car is to get out on the road and give it a whirl, and there will be plenty of chances for that when checking off your list of favourite festivals to visit!

With that in mind, we’ve put together this extensive guide to visiting some of the festivals, and just how to pack everything you might need when travelling the county in your new Ford car.

But before we can start the engine, we need to decipher just what we should be bringing on our festival bonanza, and just how to fit it all in. So let’s get packing!


car boot

Packing your car and what to bring

Before setting off for your festival journey you will want to make sure you have everything you might need. After all, many festivals are multi-day stays and will require you to bring all kinds of items. Tents, clothes, food, and more will need to be packed into the back of your vehicle and while you will want to save room for you and your companions when packing, be sure to be suitably prepared.

Luckily, the new Ford Fiesta has extra room for your comfort needs, with more legroom than ever before, and now that the seats have sculpted slim backs allowing passengers to sit even further back, there is ample room to pack in all your various festival essentials.   

So what are the best ways to optimise space, save room, and make sure that all your supplies aren’t spoiling the experience of your much anticipated car trip?

Well, to start with, you will want to make sure all your heaviest items are as far to the front as possible to not only keep your car’s centre of gravity low but to also reduce the weight over the wheels. Also try and pack these heavier objects close to the floor, with the lighter items on top. Not only will this avoid breaking daintier possessions but it will also prevent the car from becoming top heavy.

And while you will want to be packing as tightly as possible, it is important for the driver to be able to see through the rear window.

car interior

Of course there will be essential items you’ll need on the road, so instead of stopping multiple times, make sure you store things like food, drinks, and sunglasses in a place where you can easily grab them. Putting these objects into smaller personal rucksacks is never a bad idea as these can be stored by a passenger’s feet. With this being said, don’t forget to make use of your glove compartment, this is an ideal place to store an item or two.

One of the most important things to have nearby should you need it is your phone, and while these are normally safely in our pockets, our chargers are probably not. On long journeys your phone can easily run out of battery so it’s important to have a something like a portable charger nearby, like the ones from My Memory. Your phone is likely to get a lot of use during your time at the festival, so having one of these with you will be just as important once you arrive at your destination as it is in getting there.

Even though we live in the age of technology, some of us are still attached to our CD’s and consider them essential items to bring during car journeys. And while a CD wallet is a great way to save room, consider bringing along an iPod or MP3 player to save even more room. This is recommended over simply using your phone as although you have your aforementioned portable charger, you won’t want to be charging the thing unnecessarily.

Another thing to consider when attempting to pack everything in is communicating with your fellow travellers. You can save a lot of room by agreeing to share certain items such as toiletries, or pulling together to buy one first aid kit for the group from somewhere like Medisave who have a fine selection to choose from. 

bin bag

And while your new Fiesta is unlikely to have too much junk in it already, it’s always prudent to clean out your car before packing. By getting rid of any useless items, rubbish, and things that can simply be left at home, you will be amazed by the amount of space that can be saved. You will want as much as room as possible after all, especially for those visiting multiple festivals or planning a broader holiday around their trip.

Getting rid of original packaging is certainly recommended before packing. You are likely to have picked up a whole bunch of new gear before setting off so by throwing out the packaging for these items you could potentially save yourself some much needed space.

There is a good chance that you will be bringing various liquid based items with on your journey and to the festivals you’re visiting. Items such as water, shampoo etc. The last thing you want is a leakage however, so beyond making sure all lids are securely fastened, think about packing these items into something you don’t mind them spilling into, or wrapping them in plastic bags to avoid any messy surprises.

At the end of the day, while we can plan this out as much as possible, packing all depends on the stuff you are specifically bringing. So with this in mind, and a few ideas about how to get it all in, let’s think about just which items you will need to bring with you and what items are going to be essential and beneficial for your time away. 


Water bottle/flask

Getting something a little sturdier than your average plastic bottle and that will help keep your fluid cool is important. Take the Jerry Bottle for example, a reusable bottle where all the proceeds go towards making clean water around the world.

“By taking a reusable Jerry water bottle to the festival, you will not get dehydrated as you have a bottle on tap!” a representative from Jerry told us.

“Enjoy more of your day instead of queuing at the stands. Most festivals are supplying free drinking water points, which help keep the amount of plastic waste down which also helps lessen the amount of one time plastic pollution.

“We are not just a bottle, we help people get access to clean water, help the environment and keep you hydrated for your health and well-being.”


For those attending an overnight festival and looking for that traditional experience, camping out is a must, so bringing a tent along is paramount.

We spoke to Camping with Style, an outdoor blog and wonderful resource, who gave us a little advice on what kind of tent to go for.

“That 2 man single skin popup tent might look like a bargain, but don't even think of trying to sleep two adults plus all their gear, and cheap single-skin tent won't stand up to a prolonged down pour either! As a rule, bigger is better, but you don't have to splash out on an enormous tent to make sure it's able to cope with the Great British weather and big enough to sleep comfortably in. As a general rule a 2 man tent is good for 1 adult and their gear, and a 4 man tent is good for two plus their gear, so always choose something that sleeps more people than will actually be using the tent for a comfy night’s sleep that will have you raring to go the next day.”

sleeping bag

Sleeping bag

Of course you won’t want to be sleeping in nothing but your skin, so a nice cosy sleeping bag is another of those essential items for festivals where camping is a feature.

Cotswold Outdoor were kind enough to recommend a couple of items to us.

“One of our biggest sellers is the Vango Stratos 250. This comes in the 'mummy' shape for maximum warmth and comfort; however, if you prefer the more traditional rectangular shape sleeping bag, a highly recommended product for festival camping is the Vango Tranquility 350, retailing at £27.”


If you are after a goodnights sleep after a hard day of dancing, eating, and running between stages, make sure to bring a long a comfy pillow to rest your head on.


We’re all familiar with the typical British festival weather. More often than not its waterproofs over sunglasses and shorts, and while we can hope for rays of sunshine, there’s a good chance that you could get caught out by the rain. So when traipsing through a festival field, you will be glad you brought those wellington boots, such as those available from Abbeydale Direct.


Much like the wellington boots previously mentioned, waterproofs are a must. By kitting yourself out with waterproof tops and bottoms, like this set from Result Clothing, you’ll be ready for the elements and hopefully a little drier. 



Having a torch to hand is never a bad idea, particularly when camping at festivals. Should you need to fix your tent in the middle of the night or pay a visit to the bathroom facilities, you will surely be glad you had one.

Wash bags

Of course you will be in need of toiletries during the festival circuit, so having a handy bag to keep them all in check and looked after is a sensible idea. You can even grab yourself a washbag designed for travel from Gap Year Travel Store.

Bum Bag

You won’t want to be lugging heavy bags around the festivals but are likely to need the odd item from time to time. So a lightweight fanny pack or bum bag strapped for storing money, phones, and other essentials is the perfect solution. Eastpak have both a fashionable and affordable range available. 

camping chair

Folding chair

Depending on your festival, a folding chair could be hugely beneficial. During your hours unwinding before bed if camping, or eating breakfast in the morning, you might be grateful for a comfy chair to sit in rather than slouching on the grass, especially if it has been raining. Camping World have a variety available; individual chairs, sets, and even chairs for two.

Ear plugs

Festivals are busy, loud and can run into the early hours so if you are someone who values their beauty sleep, then popping in a pair of ear plugs from Ultimate Ear to eliminate such annoyances is certainly worth considering.

Cooking equipment/kit

While there will be plenty of food available – particularly at food festivals – it would serve you well to bring some food of your own and a small cooking kit to help save you on money and queue times should you be camping. This festival cooking kit from Filthy Fox would be ideal, just don’t forget to bring matches and/or a lighter too.

First aid kit

As mentioned previously a first-aid kit would be a smart addition to your festival supplies. You never know what bumps and scrapes could arise so it’s best to be prepared for any such scenario. 

first aid kit

Portable mobile phone charger

In the same vein, it’s worth reiterating the need for that portable phone charger. Having something that you can bring along that doesn’t require purely mains power would be a worthwhile investment.

Wet wipes

Wet wipes are also advised to help with cleanliness. While many places will have access to water and showers, it’s not a bad idea to have something easy to hand that you can refresh with on the fly.

Dry shampoo

Some festivals may not offer camping, or don’t require it, so you can use the showers in your accommodation of choice. But if you are faced with the prospect of using the communal facilities at the campsite, perhaps you would rather buy a bottle of dry shampoo.

Spare socks/underwear 


Plenty of spare socks and underwear are a must. You will be surprised at how much better you will feel after slipping into a nice dry pair of socks should the weather turn against you.

Sun cream

Should the heavens shine down upon you, make sure to slap on some sun cream to avoid uncomfortable burns and to protect your skin. You’re here to have fun after all, not pamper scorched arms and legs.


While you should never forget to enjoy the moment itself, you will of course want to capture some of these memories forever to share with friends and family. You won’t want to drain too much of your phone’s battery so bring along a camera. A fancy one would be suitable for food festivals but for those big dirty music fests, disposable cameras – like these from Confetti -- actually turn out good looking pictures that give off a real festival feel.

festival crowd

The festival adventure

Now that you’ve assembled your gear and packed up your Ford Fiesta, it’s time to head out on the open road and enjoy the festivals. There are so many to choose from, and of course you are unlikely to be able to visit more than a couple yourself, but we’ve assembled a collection of some of the very finest. So let’s climb in the car and see where the road takes us.

Latitude: July 13th – 16th – Southwold

First up is Latitude festival, located in Henham Park, Southwold, Suffolk. The festival itself recommend staying away from sat navs because of the different routes into the site depending upon your ticket type, so make sure to pay attention to the temporary road signage for the festival to secure your arrival.

Once you arrive you will find that weekend and day car parking are separate from the campsites in nearby fields, and you won’t have to worry about forking out at the gate as car parking fees are included in the price of your ticket.

There are a number of accommodation options available at Latitude – no car sleeping aloud – which includes luxury camping facilities, hotel packages, weekend and day campsites, tipis, family campsites, and more.

Headlining this year’s festival are bands The 1975, Mumford and Sons, and Fleet Foxes, but there is so much more than music at Latitude. Film screenings, theatre, lake swimming, dance productions and comedy line ups are all waiting to entertain.

Latitude is just two miles from the village of Blythburgh and five miles from Southwold so after the festival itself, a stop by Southwold Pier with its restaurants, shopping, and numerous attractions is certainly worth the visit. 


The Godney Gathering: July 15th - Glastonbury

Should you decide not to stay the whole four days at Latitude, the next stop is the one day only event, The Godney Gathering at Glastonbury. Located on Garsdale Farm, free parking is available for all ticket holders, with the gates opening approximately one hour before the main gate opening time.

There is camping available, giving you respite from travel if you so need it. However, as this is a one day event you might just decide to move on after your visit.

The Darkness are headlining this year’s festival and there is even a children’s area which features workshops, discos, and performances.

And if the weather turns against you while you’re in attendance, it would be a great time to get out that waterproof top and bottom set that you smartly acquired. Speaking to Result Clothing, they approved of the suggestion, while also mentioning another item to keep you dry:

“Whist the R095X suit is a truly tough waterproof suit packed into its own zip closing bag, ideal for the work place or more demanding casual activities, for festival wear we have introduced the R189X as the go-to garment for festival wear at Result Clothing. Its lighter weight and dual use stow bag, quick dry and colourful palette may be more of an appeal.”

If you are looking for another excursion in the area before or after the festival, Glastonbury Abbey is a standout attraction, one of England’s most important abbeys, and the legendary burial place of King Arthur.

We spoke to Glastonbury Abbey who told us a little more about the site and what’s on offer.

“The internationally renowned site attracts visitors from around the world for its history, heritage, myths and legends as well as for its spiritual enrichment and there has been a church on the site for at least 1500 years with evidence of even earlier occupation.

“Today it is a tranquil setting in which visitors can discover the stories behind Glastonbury Abbey with tours from costumed Living History presenters in the grounds; these tours are free but should be booked in advance for groups.”

Secret Garden Party – July 20th – 23rd – Huntingdon, Cambs

Next up is Secret Garden Party in Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire. This four day event is 70 miles out of central London and they request that attendees do not travel through local villages to minimise disruption. 

This is the last year for one of the original glamping parties which started 15 years ago, so they are looking to go out with a bang with acts such as Metronomy, Crystal Fighters and Ray BLK.

Secret Garden Party is also pretty amazing to look at even when walking the premises, the party has an abundance of creative work decorating the grounds with innovative pieces on hand to inspire those that attend.

The variety of stages really helps to set Secret Garden Party apart, from the Lost Woods Disco, Games Arena, and The Lake which requires you to leap into the surrounding waters in order to gain entry.

Boutique camping is available as well as standard camping which is included in the ticket price. Family camping is available on site, located in a separate field.

Huntingdon is also home to Hamerton Zoo Park, should you fancy seeing a furry face or two before departing for your next festival adventure. 

festival crowds

Standon Calling – July 27th – 30th – Standon, Hertfordshire

If you are looking for something a little different for your next summer festival then jumping in the Fiesta and heading to Standon Calling in Standon, Herfordshire, is a wonderful choice.

This is one of the few festivals with a fancy-dress theme, which this year is ‘Tales of the Enchanted Valley’, so make sure you’ve got your costumes in check and packed safely with the rest of your festival gear.

Standon Calling is also dog-friendly should you have any spare room left in the Fiesta. This really is a picturesque setting based in the valley of the River Rib around 30 miles north of London, offering plenty of landscape to gaze at on the way.

Camping is available right next to the festival site with general, campervan, and boutique camping available. These are included in your ticket.

There is plenty to consider when pitching your tent so luckily Camping with Style was on hand once again to offer us some advice.

“Paying attention to where you pitch isn't always easy at a festival, especially if the beer tends to be prioritised above getting your tent set up! Finding your way back to the tent in the middle of the night can be a real nightmare, so there are a few things you can do to make it stand out. Choose a funky, brightly patterned tent that will stand out across the field, take a photograph on your phone of where you are pitched and the number of name of your camping area or buy a tent finder light. You keep hold of a remote controlled key fob, which allows you to active a light inside your tent, so it will light up like a beacon in the middle of the night.”

This year’s Standon Festival has another fantastic line up with acts like Orbital, Clean Bandit, and Grace Jones playing over the three days of music.

Standon Calling is also on the map as a top food festival destination. There is a high number of street food available, with some of the best vendor’s in the country in attendance. In 2016 Ceru brought a spot of fine dining to the festival, and a real ale bar was on offer to wash it all down. If that’s not enough, hot tubs are waiting for you in between dedicated yoga and meditation sessions.

And if you decide to give camping a rest this time around there are a number of hotels in the area such as Manor of Groves, located in 150 acres of idyllic countryside. Hotel packages are also available on the festival’s website.

Big Family Festival – July 28th – 30th – Sutton-Coldfield

Big Family Festival is next on our list which is located in Sutton-Coldfield between July 28th and 30th.

As the title suggests, this festival is all about family and providing the kids with three days of top midlands fun. With acts such as The Basil Brush Show, The Sooty Show, and Dick Dom all making appearances this really is the festival of choice when you are bringing the little ones.

Aspire Sports UK are joining the festival for 2017, with the aim of engaging more families in physical activity. And the much loved Birmingham company United Artists will be bringing their new theatre show to the Acorn Emporium Outdoor Theatre.

The carpark is situated in the adjacent field to the event site, which is just a short walk from the festival entrance, and camping is available at the Big Family Festival so it will be time to get out that trusty tent once again. Pitches are allocated on arrival with food and soft drinks allowed to be brought onto the campsite.

Considering the kids are in tow for this one, a trip either side to Drayton Manor will surely go down a treat. Being that it is only 15 minutes away by car via the A453, this would cap off the weekend in fine style.

festival audience

Wilderness Festival – August 3rd – 6th – Oxfordshire

Making the trip to Oxfordshire for Wilderness Festival will see you being entertained by some of the finest musical acts around such as Two Door Cinema Club and Grace Jones, while also privy to a spa, yoga, and even a spot of fine dining catered by chefs like Yotam Ottolenghi, and Thomasina Miers.

There is an array of accommodation options for Wilderness with general camping in the rolling parkland, quiet camping, a family site, luxury boutique camping with all the trimmings and Meadow camping where your tent is already set up before your arrival.

And if you remembered to pack that torch, you certainly won’t have to worry about making it back to your tent at the end of the night. Funky Leisure suggested a lantern to bring along, while speaking up about the importance of festival illumination:

“A torch or lantern is a festival essential, whether it’s for finding your gear in the dark, finding the way back to your pitch or some lighting for relaxing around the festival camp. The LuminAid Spectra is an inflatable, waterproof lantern which provides an ambient, colour changing light source and with its integrated solar panel charging, ensures you never run out of batteries again.”

If you don’t feel like camping however, there are many superb places to stay. The Swan Inn is only 6.5 miles away in Swinbrook and would be an ideal choice. If you decide to stay off site, just purchase a general camping ticket and you will be able to come and go as you please.

Hope & Glory Festival: August 5th – 6th – Liverpool

Heading back into civilisation from a spot in the wilderness, our next stop on the circuit will find us at the Hope & Glory festival in Liverpool.

Taking the M62 or M53 to Liverpool, Hope & Glory will then be signposted guiding your way to the festival. And being that the festivities take place in the heart of the city, there will be no camping under the stars this time. Instead the festival has many accommodation recommendations for visitors not native to the city. They list just some of the hotels and B&Bs that are nearby on their website.

Hope & Glory isn’t just great music from the likes of The Fratellis and Charlotte Church, there are plenty of quality food options available, hog roast included, and an abundance of fun games such as the Strongman and Strongwoman challenge.

While you’re visiting the area, it would certainly be a wonderful excuse to see more of the city, and perhaps even pay a visit to Knowsley Safari in nearby Prescot before departing.


Boardmasters – August 9th – 13th – Newquay, Cornwall

With a focus on surfing over music – though there is plenty of that too – this South-West festival is the perfect opportunity to visit Newquay in Cornwall for a batch of August sun.

Set in two different locations within Newquay – Watergate Bay and Fistral Beach – there is parking available for all guests at Trebelsue Farm, Watergate Bay. A weekend stay here is £18, or if you are just popping by for a single day, parking is offered at £10.

Camping is available for Boardmasters at various sites at Watergate Bay; and as pre-booking isn’t required you can simply turn up to your chosen sight and pitch up. Further details are available on the Boardmasters website.

There truly is a plethora of beachside activities during the festival, with pro surfing competitions, beach yoga, intimate gigs, a campsite village, after parties, and top food at locations like Keg & Pasty. Oh, and Jamiroquai will also be performing along with many other top acts. 

And if you are looking to step away from the festival at any point, the Fern Pit Café will be happy to welcome you with servings of crab and lobster.

Green Man – August 17th – 20th – Glanusk Park, Brecon Beacons

Jumping back in the Fiesta, we will next be heading to Glanusk Park in Brecon Beacons for Green Man.

Situated in one of the most stunning environments of the festival scene, Green Man is surrounded by miles of mountains and forests, welcoming you and your new car for yet more festival fun.

Parking is available at a £15 advanced fee, and travellers are advised to follow the temporary Green Man Festival road signs; there are separate paths to follow depending on your car park of choice.

Camping is absolutely available here and you couldn’t ask for a better place for it. There are separate areas for general, family, and quiet camping. With the festival warning that campsites must be empty -- and you back in your Fiesta -- by 12 noon on Monday 21st.

As for the festival itself, the idyllic main stage is surrounded by a tiered amphitheatre to rest those weary legs, with great musical acts to entertain such as the Shins and Conor Oberst.

Green Man really puts an emphasis on making friends and living as a community, with the option to purchase meat each day from the local butcher and host barbecues before settling in for the pub quiz or watching films together in the Hurly Burly tent.

And with the Settlers Pass you can explore the surrounding countryside at a discounted rate for attractions like Beacon Park Boats which offer trips down the beautiful Monmouthshire & Brecon Canal. 

festival music

Beautiful Days – August 18 – 20th – Devon

Now it’s time to head back on down to the South-West for Beautiful Days in Escot Park, Devon.

Like many of these countryside festivals, Beautiful Days asks its visitors to be respectful of the local villages and residents when approaching the site, with gates opening to the car parks at 12 noon on Thursday 17th August. Escot is located just off the A30, between Exeter and Honiton, and upon arrival you will be guided to your designated parking site.

This family festival has multiple camping sites to enjoy the weekend’s worth of activities which includes musical performances by Frank Turner, Levellers, and Alison Moyet.

A theatre tent is also on hand for great shows and productions, with there are also being plenty of stalls for meat-eaters, vegetarians, and vegans alike. Food isn’t the only thing on offer however, with traders selling hand-crafted jewellery and many other interesting items.

All of this is underlined by this year’s theme, Rock the Boat, for those that want to dress up as pirates, mermaids, sailors and whatever else you fancy.

V Festival – August 19th – 20th – Chelmsford

After enjoying the slightly cosier environs of secluded Devon, we are onto the last stretch of our festival run with a trip to one of the biggest events around, V Festival in Chelmsford.

For those that are obsessed with pop music, V really is the place to be. Traffic into an event the size of V Festival can naturally be difficult, so while listening to local radio for traffic alerts to navigate your way through, you will have the option of two parking options ahead, one for day visitors and one for camping.

After parking it will be time to pitch up your tent, though these can be rented if you prefer. At V you are allowed to leave the campsite and return, and the festival have provided a list of items that can and cannot be brought onto site. So be sure to check this out.

The size and quality of V Festival 2017 is as impressive as always, with acts such as Pink, Craig David, Madness, and James Arthur performing on Saturday alone.

And if you fancy the VIP experience, the VIP Area package includes weekend access to the VIP area, street food stalls, VIP bar, cloakroom, luxury restrooms, and exclusive DJ sets.

Once the two days of partying are over, perhaps a visit to Wat Tyler Country Park will be in order before setting off again, enjoying an afternoon of winding down in their 125 acres of country walks.

reading festival

Reading – August 25th – 27th – Reading

By now you will be more than comfortable in your new Ford Fiesta, and with just two more festivals left on our list, you will hopefully be ready for one of the world’s most famous music events, Reading festival.

Reading festival suggest following the AA signage, and your car pass directions instead of following sat nav. The festival’s car parks are open in accordance with the campsites and are colour coded. Day and weekend car parks are available.

There are dedicated weekend campsites for that traditional Reading experience, or if you would rather pamper yourself there is a luxury pre-pitched package available. While we have already spoken about what to bring, it’s always worth checking out what the festivals themselves allow, Reading has a list on their website.

Reading has a truly blockbuster line-up again this year, with Kasabian, Eminem, Muse and many more gracing the now iconic stages. There are a number of cash points on the grounds for those in need, and several bars to find food and drink.

But Reading is really all about the music and with top bands like Jimmy Eat World, You Me at Six, Haim, and Billy Talent also appearing at this year’s festival, you will hardly have time for anything else.

End of the Road – August 31st – Sept 3rd – Salisbury

After jumping back in the Fiesta for one last time during this festival adventure, we are off to Salisbury for the aptly named End of the Road.

Set amongst the peacocks and stunning woodlands at Larmer Tree Gardens, this festival really is the perfect way to cap off the summer and indeed your festival season. Not just a great place for music but a one stop shop for comedy, films, literature, workshops, and food, ideally located in beautiful gardens.

23 miles north of Bournemouth, camping is a key part of the festival with six different areas on offer depending on your needs. There is even a luxury pop hotel should you be interested. General camping comes with toilet blocks, showers, water points and a lockup for storing valuable items.

End of the Road is serious about music – Father John Misty, Slowdive, and Perfume Genius are just some that are performing – but they always stays true to their goal of providing a relaxing atmosphere that is friendly for all those in attendance.

And if it is indeed relaxation that you are after, End of the Road also contains the beautiful pleasure gardens at Larmer Tree, where those who wish to can enjoy the woodlands on offer that are strewn with art installations.

While there is no VIP service on offer at this particular festival, it is known that you will often find musicians wandering the grounds, enjoying the other music available. 

ford steering wheel


Well, here we are, at the end of your Fiesta festival journey, if you’ve managed to even strike off a few of the above you and your new Fiesta are bound to have had a memorable journey together. There are of course so many festivals to see and only so much time, but our hope is that with this guide you will be able to enjoy the very best, as well as travelling the country in style and comfort.

At this point, you will be off home, surely looking forward to a familiar bed and the delights of home comfort. Be careful on the road, and enjoy the ride.

Until next year.


Image Credit: Gianluca Ramalho Misiti   Barry Brecheisen  Hold-The-Line99   ville de Barcarès   Seemann