A guide to games for car journeys

Long car journeys can often be a bit boring, especially for the passengers, but if you want to make your next journey a bit more exciting then check out our guide below of the best games for car journeys.

Whilst new cars for sale in Poole and across the UK now come with a range of high-tech systems that include entertainment options, you really cannot beat a great car game to make the journey go that bit quicker.

There are a number of car games available, but we asked some experts to suggest some of their favourite car games to inspire you for your next journey.

Love Letter

Luke Hector from Games Quest recommends the Love Letter  Adventure Time Card Game, a classic filler card game.

He said, “It's getting easier to count the number of people who don't have this in their collection than those who do.

“It is extremely simple to teach and play, and only requires a tiny deck of cards for components, which could easily sit on the back seat of a car without spilling everywhere. With each round barely taking a few minutes, you could pull this out and finish it before you even reach the shops let alone on a long journey across the country.”

Love Letter


Another game that Luke Hector advises back seat passengers to buy before a long car journey is Pentago, as the simplicity of it makes it easy to learn.

He adds, “Place a marble, twist one of the four segments of the board 90 degrees and try to get 5 in a row.

“Simple rules, but guaranteed to twist the brain cells. The board itself can be held by the player on their lap while it's their turn and afterwards they simply pass the small board over to the next one. Just don't bring it out if the driver has to go off-road any time soon.”



Hanabi is another great game to take with you on a long car journey and this is backed up by the fact it won the Spiel des Jahres, an award given to games of outstanding quality.

Mr Hector of Games Quest, said, “To this day it's still a popular co-operative card game with a unique twist that you can only see the cards of the other players rather than your own! Working together using restricted communication, all the players attempt to build the best fireworks display in sequential order.

“It works great with all player counts and the box can be used to hold the cards to keep them stable. See how high you can get your score before the journey ends!”


Rubik's The Void Puzzle

At the Entertainer Toy Shop you can buy Rubik's The Void Puzzle, which offers passengers a “hole” new challenge to conquer.

Rubik’s Cubes are hard enough, but the fact that the centre cubes are missing makes this even tougher.

If you are a fan of the Rubik’s cube then have a go at the next level-up, which is perfect for children aged eight years or older as well as adults.

Ribik's Puzzle

Pass the Pigs Game

If you like funny games then Pass the Pigs is for you.

The aim of the game is to be the first person to score 100 points by using the two pigs as dice. The different positions the pigs land in earn different points.

A snouter, for example, gains 10 points, while other positions will land you 60 points. Multiplayer games are always fun and you can have a hamtastic time with the other passengers in the car!

Pass the Pigs game

Car Bingo

In the Playroom suggests Car Bingo as a great way to make a long car journey go really quickly.

They say, “To play Car Bingo, you need to spot these items out of the window. The first person to complete a whole line (whether row or column) wins!”

You can download the game to print out here.

In the Playroom

Car Search game

Another great game to play whilst in the car is the Car Search game, which is especially great if you have passengers or kids who are interested in the different types of cars.

In the Playroom added, “Look out of the windows and keep a count of how many of each car you can spot.”

You may even be able to spot new Ford cars as you drive past Ford dealerships in Wiltshire and other parts of the UK.

If you have any other suggestions of great car games then let us know on the Foray Motor Group Facebook page.

Image Credit: Games Quest, The Entertainer, In the Playroom

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