6 reasons to buy a used car

When it comes to purchasing a vehicle, there are certainly benefits to buying either a new or used car, and although it’s always nice to have new things, buying second-hand is also a fantastic option. From being able to save money to getting a wonderful vehicle for your budget, from used cars being available immediately to the peace of mind gained when purchasing from a dealership, there are many great reasons to opt for a used Ford vehicle. Take a look at the below, where we highlight six of the very best reasons to buy a used car.

Used cars can be purchased from a dealership

Many people who hear the term ‘used car’ might associate this with buying privately from someone you don’t know and, more importantly, don’t know if you can trust. But this doesn’t have to be the case. A great reason to buy a used car is that you can head over to a trusted dealership like Foray Motor Groups’ and benefit from all the assurances that comes from shopping with such a trusted name. Dealerships provide the customer with peace of mind, allowing you to secure important extras like an extended warranty, all of which creates an experience similar to that of buying new. This point can’t be stressed enough. If having to deal with individuals was putting you off, remember that this isn’t the only option, as heading to a dealership is the best way to buy used.

Great value for money

Ford Focus

It doesn’t matter how much money you have to spend, you can certainly get a lot of car for your buck when opting for a used vehicle. Your money goes very far when looking into the used car market - you can find yourself getting a vehicle that you may not have been able to afford otherwise, with fancy gadgets and tech, by opting for a second-hand version. You might find yourself only being able to afford a basic version of your desired hatchback but, if you don’t mind driving a used car, you might be able to grab the high-performance version instead. Moving up a level of your chosen model is a huge plus of going second-hand, and with so many great deals available, you are sure to find a vehicle you can take pride in owning.

More money to spend on insurance

While the cost of car insurance isn’t just based on whether your car is new or old - being determined by a number of factors, including the driver’s age, accident claims, points on your licence, where you live, and where you store your car - insurance can still potentially be more affordable when owning a car of less value. New cars normally contain more advanced security features which can drive down the cost of insurance and could play against buying an older model, but with the money you have saved on the price of your used vehicle, that insurance bill might become a little easier to swallow. Another way to obtain lower insurance costs is with forward-thinking companies like Autosaint, who are able to fit a small device under your dashboard that measures your driving habits, allowing them to offer drivers a discount on their insurance premiums.

The money you save can be spent elsewhere

Cash money

Speaking of saving money, and as alluded to above, the money you don’t spend on buying a pricey new car can either be saved or spent elsewhere. A basic rule of economics is this very idea - to not just think about the transaction in question but how this will impact future transactions. If you’ve managed to save X amount of money buying a top used car, you now have that same amount of money left to enjoy elsewhere, put into savings, or even to reinvest in your vehicle later on, should you need to. It’s a simple premise but it’s one worth thinking about. If you’re on the fence about whether to buy a used car or not, this could just be the nudge you need – allowing you to get the car you desire while also pocketing some cash that you might have otherwise spent.

Great for the future

If you are someone who likes to change cars fairly often, perhaps a used car might be very well suited to your personality, as buying used can really help you to capitalise once you have decided to sell your vehicle – therefore putting you in a great situation once you return back to a Ford dealership for another purchase! Marcus Rockey, from the incredibly helpful blog and resource Used Car Guy and CarVeto, a website that allows you to check a car’s history before purchasing, is full of great advice for those looking into entering the used car market. Marcus told us what he believes is the best reason to buy a used car:

“If you are thinking of buying a new car it is worth noting that its residual value will be around 40% of its new price after just three years (based on a national average of 10,000 miles per year). The financial loss varies significantly depending on the type of vehicle you buy (for example, a small, cheaper car or a large, luxury one). Buying a used car is ideal for many of today’s motorists as it is quite possible to buy a second-hand motor, drive it for 12 months and sell it for much of what you paid.

“Tina bought a 2008 Ford Fiesta 1.25 Zetec 5 door for £2,900. At the time the vehicle had 31,000 miles on the clock with a full-service history. 12 months later, Tina sold her Fiesta for £2,775, having driven 8,148 miles. She took great care of the car and ensured it had a new 12-month MOT before selling it.”

Woman driving

Geoff, of the car blog DriveWrite, also knows a thing or two about the subject and has spoken to us about why he believes used cars are such a terrific option:

“Most used cars now feature much of the technology we use daily. Bluetooth, for example, has been around for a good few years. New cars can drop in value once they drive off the dealer forecourt. As long as the used car comes with some form of warranty, it just makes sense. The car is available right away and the buyer saves money.”

Variety of choice

Variety is a wonderful thing. It’s always good to have many options in life and, thankfully, the used car market offers incredible choice to drivers. If you are happy to buy a used car, the selection is endless. No matter what model you are looking for, you will quickly be able to find the ride of your dreams. By taking a look at the dealerships near your location, you will be surprised by the great variety on offer. Know your budget and what you’re after and get looking. Just don’t worry if you can’t decide which great deal to capitalise on!

Reasons to buy a used car

There you have it - these are our six main reasons to consider buying a used car. We hope you have found the above helpful and are perhaps now further along in deciding whether or not to purchase a used car as your next mode of transport. As long as you’ve done your research and are happy with your budget, a great vehicle can soon become part of your future. At the end of the day, no matter if you opt for used or new, driving away in a Ford vehicle is never a bad decision!