50 years of the Ford Transit: keeping online shopping in business

A recent study has demonstrated how important the Ford Transit van and their drivers are to the UK economy. How important is that? £120 billion worth of important.

The study was produced by the Centre for Economics and Business Research and was commissioned by Ford in honour of the Transit van’s 50th anniversary.

Some key facts from the study include:

  • Van-dependent businesses in the UK contributed £120 billion to the economy in 2014
  • This £120 billion is a 16 per cent increase compared to 2010
  • There were 3,471,280 Ford vans registered in the UK in 2014
  • Vans in the UK travelled 101,570,000,000km – equivalent to a million vans travelling 2.5 times around the world

Online shopping and Transit vans

The rise of Transit van usage is thought to be because of an increase in online shopping habits and returning confidence in entrepreneurship.

Online shopping is up 15.8 per cent in the UK in 2014, and from 2002-2012 the number of households receiving a delivery at least once per week rose by 11 per cent. There has been an 18.8 per cent increase in entrepreneurship in the UK from 2009-2014. There has also been growth in the number of small specialised construction businesses in the UK.

The study shows that the Transit van has been hugely important to business growth in the UK, and after 50 years of great performance and reliability, we at Foray are hoping to see even more from the Transits we provide. If you’re looking for new or used commercial vans in Salisbury, Poole and other areas across South England, speak to the van specialists in one of our official Ford dealerships. If you’re thinking of getting a 50th birthday treat for your commercial vehicle, check out our van servicing options.

Read more about the study here.

This content was written by Ben Edwards. Please feel free to visit my Google+ Profile to read more stories.