2016 Ford GT spied in testing

It was the big reveal of the year. When Ford unveiled their new GT at the Detroit Motor Show in January, few motor enthusiasts could contain their excitement and now the stunning 2016 Ford GT has been seen on the streets of Michigan in testing.

While regular visitors of Ford dealers in Poole are unlikely to get their hands on the new GT anytime soon, the latest pictures of the testing car in matt grey have been causing a stir among Ford fans. With a V6 EcoBoost engine that delivers over 592bhp, it may be obvious why the new Ford supercar’s rumblings are being heard the world over.

‘Preserve its exclusivity’

With a body made from carbon fibre primarily and one of the best power-to-weight ratios of any production car, according to Ford themselves, its release is set to be eagerly awaited by buyers and the first are due to be delivered to the lucky customers towards the end of 2016. Auto Express has reported that Ford are going to limit production in order to ‘preserve its exclusivity’, producing around 250 a year, so seeing one in a used car showroom in Dorset might be a long way off.

After the car was developed in near absolute secrecy by a team of six ahead of the NAIAS 2015 in Detroit, with few on the inside even fully aware of its development, car fans have been waiting for their next peak of the 2016 GT. As reported in this previous article, there was a lot of hype at the show in January ahead of the big reveal and this latest preview is certainly set to whet the appetite of many.

The GT is still in its early prototype stage, but those who managed to catch the early edition on Michigan’s roads with a test engineer at the helm earlier this week will have seen just why Ford is striking fear into the hearts of the world’s most successful supercar brands.

Image Credit: Werner Bayer (flickr.com)

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