2013 Ford Fiesta given four star review by experts

An online publication that is widely regarded as the leading automotive industry reviewer has given a glowing account of the latest edition of the UK's best-selling car, the Ford Fiesta, praising the manufacturer for not ‘resting on its laurels' and pressing ahead with a series of upgrades, focusing on safety and economy in particular.

With Ford car dealers across the South West and beyond already receiving thousands of advance orders for this new model, drivers looking for a vehicle that is as high performance as it is fuel efficient should be sure to take a look at the review, which awarded four out of five stars to this most recent addition to what is now regarded as a truly classic brand.

The article's author points out several of the aesthetic changes that have been made to the 2013 Fiesta, including an eye-catching trapezoid grille, adapted interior trims and strikingly reprofiled rear lights, but saves most of its praise for the mechanical advancements that have been implemented.

One of these, of course, is the inclusion of Ford's groundbreaking EcoBoost engine, which has received many plaudits so far and will no doubt please those domestic drivers who are determined to get the best deal they can for what they pay at the pump.

The reviewer also pointed out that Ford have taken the unusual step of once again putting the Fiesta forward for testing to the governing continental road safety body Euro NCAP. This, he explains, is an indication of the manufacturer's confidence in the strong safety credentials of the 2013 Fiesta, which have been boosted by the introduction of several new measures, such as the amazing Active City Stop automatic braking system.

Both new and used Ford car dealers all over the UK are used to receiving a large number of enquiries for the ever popular and reliable Fiesta, and this interest is sure to increase further after positive media attention like this.

Image credit: Ben.chaney.archive (flickr.com)