15 percent boost for Ford Fiesta ST production confirmed

The amazing popularity of the new Ford Fiesta ST across Europe, and particularly in Britain, has prompted its makers to announce that they will soon be boosting production by 15 per cent in order to keep up with an ever increasing demand.

Whilst Ford in the UK have been regularly topping domestic vehicle sales charts for the last few years, with their conventional Fiesta and Focus cars for sale proving consistently in tune with what the motoring public want, the reception to the ST has truly sent shockwaves through the new automotive industry.

With the innovative sports twist on a tried and tested classic proving even more popular than its manufacturers had hoped, this Auto Express article reports that 3,000 of the models – half of what had initially been allocated to UK dealers for the whole year – have already shifted in their first three months of sale, forcing Ford to reassess their approach.

As has been the case since production started, the extra Fiesta STs will all be built at Ford's cutting edge Cologne manufacturing plant in Germany, with the number of examples completed per day now expected to rise to around 60.

Perhaps even more impressive than these incredible headline figures is the fact that the most widely ordered edition of the car is the ST-2, which is actually more expensive than the basic model; those who opt for this higher-spec version will get access to even more sophisticated in-car technology, such as keyless entry and climate control, as well as lush, leather-based Recaro seats.

Whether you are looking to purchase your Fiesta ST from Hendy Ford, the Foray Motor Group or any other dealer, one thing is for sure: you will be getting your hands on one of the most exciting new models currently available in the UK.

Image credit: VeZoul (flickr.com)