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The best markets to visit in the South West

26th November 2019

Whether you want to soak up the atmosphere of your favourite town and stroll amongst the craft stalls sipping on a refreshing tipple, or you want to stock up on fresh produce ready for supper, markets can be a treasure trove full of wonderful things. The South West is famed for its rich farming heritage and culinary offerings including cream teas, …

How to teach your child about road safety

22nd November 2019

Teaching your child about road safety both as a pedestrian and as a passenger is incredibly important and ensuring youngsters are safe on the road is something which can be taught at an early age. For this article, we spoke to bloggers to find out their top tips on the most effective ways to teach children all about road safety. Safety as a …

How to combat driving test nerves

5th November 2019

  Learning to drive is often seen as a rite of passage, however, the idea of sitting a driving test is enough to break even the most composed people into a cold sweat. Nerves are something most people get from time to time and being anxious under pressure can impact some people more than others. This article aims to give people some advice on …

Tips for driving on rural roads

4th November 2019

Navigating your way around the UK’s country roads can be daunting, even for the most experienced of motorists. Sharp bends, narrow lanes and the possibility of being stuck behind a tractor are all factors which need to be taken into consideration. For this article, we spoke to bloggers who live and work in rural areas for their tips and …