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The top UK drives to enjoy this summer

30th July 2018

The UK has some of the best driving routes in the world and the summer is the perfect season to get out and enjoy them. Whether you’re dusting off the sat nav or road atlas and going on a short break away or are just looking to enjoy a Great British summer by going on a drive in your used Ford car, you need to take a look at our list of the …

Mistakes to avoid for new drivers

18th July 2018

  Receiving your licence is a wonderful occasion, as is starting the journey of learning how to drive. Driving brings an incredible freedom to our lives so it’s very right that people should be excited by the project. Driving does, however, arrive with massive responsibility and if you don’t take care and remember the wisdom of …

Bullitt Mustang sallies forth as Goodwood tar

5th July 2018

  Until earlier this year, the iconic 1968 Ford Mustang GT driven by Steve McQueen in Warner Bros. Pictures’ classic film “Bullitt” was lost to history But it will be making its first journey outside the US to appear at the 2018 Goodwood Festival of Speed, between July 12-15. The chase sequence in the 1968 film has been voted…

The best apps to use in your Ford Vehicle

5th July 2018

  Ford cars are renowned for constantly evolving and being innovative, with the likes of Active City Stop, SYNC 3 and the Easy Access Door System just some of the technologies that their newest and most popular models boast. As well as these technologies being accessible to all those who decide to take advantage of the range of Fiesta deals …

Ideas for keeping your car secure

4th July 2018

  Whilst buying the car of our dreams can be an incredibly rewarding experience, the excitement it brings can sometimes be tempered by the worry of our perfect vehicle being damaged or – even worse – stolen.   It is common knowledge that criminals are sadly becoming ever more proficient at using technology, as well as …

The best car mobility aids

4th July 2018

  Driving or being a passenger in a car if you have limited mobility is the kind of thing that is not likely to cross your mind until it becomes an issue. Whether you or a loved one is having to deal with the sudden onset of a disability or just need to make gradual adjustments due to the advancing years, you will likely have become aware of …