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Off Road Adventure: a Map to the World

26th September 2017

A Ford SUV can be your key to unlocking a whole host of adventures, both right here in the UK and abroad. There are so many must visit destinations for unbelievable off-road driving expeditions in truly jaw-dropping environments. The perfect vehicle to pursue planet Earth’s most exciting off-road locations would be the Ford Kuga. Available in…

A Guide to Towing with a Van

25th September 2017

Do you own a van, and are looking to tow a trailer for moving household items, or perhaps a boat, or even as a part of your business? Then you need to be aware of the rules and regulations when it comes to towing with a van. There are many things that one needs to know before they begin towing, and this is just as true when vans are involved. So …

Don’t just pump up the volume – MAX it!

18th September 2017

  Some of us like roomy cars, even when we don’t want to buy big ones. So what’s the answer? Buying a car with the footprint of a family hatchback yet the volume of a much larger car seems like a confusion of thoughts but clear your mind and it’s an entirely practical and achievable approach. For instance, the Ford C-MAX …

The history of the Ford Transit

1st September 2017

‘Transit’ is one of those brand names that is so well-known throughout the UK and beyond that many people seem to use it when referring to any kind of van at all. Like Hoover and Coke, Transit is a product which has become synonymous with its kind; a true national treasure, this humble workhorse has passed into our lexicon to an extent …