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Big cars vs. small cars

25th May 2016

Buying a car is a big deal and one common debate that often arises during the car buying process is whether a big car or a small car is better. It is a fair question as car size often affects price and economy, but ultimately the decision depends on your specific needs. Big and small car sales in Taunton and the rest of the UK have continued to …

Ford becomes first automaker to use captured CO2 in vehicles

24th May 2016

Ford has become the first automaker to create and test new foam and plastic parts using captured carbon dioxide for its vehicles. Underhood applications and seating are just some of the products that Ford have managed to create by using captured carbon dioxide. Ford researchers are expecting these products, which are formulated with around 50 per …

Honest opinions are that Fords come out top

24th May 2016

Ford claimed three accolades at the 2016 reader awards. The UK’s best-selling car, the Ford Fiesta, won Most Popular Small Hatchback; the dynamic Ford S-MAX collected Most Popular MPV and the iconic Ford Mustang was declared the Most Popular Convertible. Most Popular Small Hatchback Ford sells a new Fiesta in the UK…

Modern mums, millennials and quintastics behind Europe’s SUV Boom

17th May 2016

A new Ford study has revealed that since 2005, sales of SUVs have quadrupled and this is expected to continue as the vehicles grow in popularity with a diverse group of buyers. SUVs are no longer a popular choice with a select few as the study from Ford highlighted that modern mums (mothers with young kids), millennials (17 to 34-year-olds) and …

Online configurations for the Ford Edge surpass 60,000 in the UK

9th May 2016

Ford has revealed that over 60,000 Ford Edge models have been configured on the car and van manufacturer’s website since January 2016. Now that the Ford Edge SUV will be released in the UK and will soon be sold in Ford van dealerships in Salisbury and across the rest of the UK, it has been revealed many consumers have been configuring their …

New laws for driverless cars arrive in the UK

4th May 2016

New international road laws from the United Nations could see British motorists being able to drive hands-free vehicles on the motorway at 81 mph. The details for the proposed legislation are set to be published next month, but the law could be put in place as soon as 2018. This means that consumers buying new and used Ford cars in Dorset and …