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Driving tips for long journeys

30th September 2015

Long car journeys can take their toll on even the most hardened of drivers, especially if your car breaks down or you hit traffic jams and are unable to move for hour upon hour. Whilst those who have recently bought new or used cars from local dealerships are less likely to suffer a breakdown, other factors such as tiredness, which often comes as a…

Voice system for Ford supports regional accents

28th September 2015

Ford has revealed that its new in-car voice-activated system can now understand strong regional accents. So if you buy a new vehicle from Ford van and car dealers in Taunton in the future and have a strong Somerset accent, you can now be understood by the new in-car voice-activated system. Ford’s SYNC system allows drivers to use their voice …

Ford to release videos about the new Focus model

24th September 2015

Ford is set to release a series of videos as part of a new web series that will give fans of the car a behind the scenes look at the new Focus RS. As Ford Focus dealers in Hampshire and across the UK will vouch, the Ford Focus has long been one of the car manufacturer’s most popular cars and the new 345 bhp Ford Focus RS, which can reach a …

5 facts about Ford Transit vans for 50th anniversary

17th September 2015

Last month the famous Ford Transit van celebrated being on the road for 50 years and the popularity of the van certainly hasn’t stopped. In fact, Ford Transit van dealers in Andover and in other parts of the UK will vouch for the model being one of the best and most popular automobiles ever made, as small, medium and large Ford Transit vans …

Ford vans revealed as top sellers for commercial vans

11th September 2015

Ford are now the top sellers of commercial vans in the US after research found that vans from the manufacturer were the most popular in 47 states across the country. Ford transit vans and other commercial vans from the manufacturer are popular across the world, but the rise in sales across the US has seen Ford become the fastest-growing …

Lost film of old Ford car has been discovered

3rd September 2015

Footage that is over 100 years old of a Ford Model T car driving up Ben Nevis has been discovered after it had been feared lost. The film was shot in May 1911 and shows Henry Alexander Jr. drive the Model T car, which is a world away from the new and used Ford cars in Dorchester that you can get your hands on today, drive up and then down the …