Personal Contract Hire

Fixed monthly costs, affordable advance rentals and flexible repayment periods.


If you’re interested in a quick and easy way of getting a brand new car for a fixed monthly sum, personal contract hire is perfect for you. It is very similar to a long tern rental agreement.


Contract hire deals usually run between 24 and 48 months, there is also a required mileage limit on the vehicle that you must stick to, for an example 6000 miles a year. If you exceed the total mileage limit you will unfortunately be charged for it.


You will put down a deposit and then pay the sum on a monthly basis, once the term has ended there isn’t an option for a final payment, so there's not a large payment to worry about. When the lease deal finally comes to an end, you will have then have the option to either hand the car back or take out a new lease.


Usually personal contract hire and leasing deals tend to be cheaper and a lot more affordable, as these rental agreements are not working towards you taking ownership of the car. Another bonus about personal contract hire is that it factor’s out the cost of depreciation, which is so often the major sting in the tail of new car ownership. 


It is your responsibility for the upkeep of the vehicle during the term. Cosmetic Repair Insurance helps to protect you by covering things like stone chips or minor scratches.