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Commercial vehicle future is here

Running solely on electric power when on shorter journeys, the advanced electric powertrain is chargeable at the mains and, to deliver outstanding efficiency on longer trips, the award-winning 1 litre EcoBoost engine will spring into action. Reduce local pollution, reduce your spend on fuel and deliver above and beyond the flexibility, capability and dependability you’ll expect from a member of the Ford Transit family.

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Pay less, go further

When fully charged, you can travel more than 30 miles in the new Transit Custom Plug-in Hybrid. On journeys like this, you’ll often only need the electric motor. These are the short, regular trips in the town or city that cost you in fuel and efficiency. The van’s range will be extended to over 310 miles, by utilising the 1.0 litre EcoBoost engine on longer journeys – complementing regenerative braking to recharge the battery. One charged, switch back to electric only to save money and reduce pollution.

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Capable … No negotiation

Despite delivering reduced emissions with the Hybrid system, there is no compromise to the features that make the Transit Custom the nation’s most popular commercial vehicle. The Custom can readily carry standard 8’x4’ boards or three euro pallets, flat on the floor, making use of up to six cubic metres of loadspace. The new Transit Custom PHEV has the widest side load-door of any vehicle of its type – meaning it’s perfectly capable of shifting goods around the city – extremely efficiently. Its max gross payload exceeds 1,000kg. The Transit Custom PHEV is ideal for carrying heavy loads.

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