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See the light - automatically

Poor light conditions are a real hazard but with a sensor that can detect dusk or sudden drops in ambient light the headlights can come on automatically, a real boost for safety.

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Cruise for comfort and economy

Smooth driving is one of the best ways to save fuel and that’s exactly what Cruise Control with Adjustable Speed Limiter helps you achieve. You set the limit and your car will keep to it and as well as helping achieve better fuel figures it will help you relax about not breaking speed limits - and relax your foot by leaving it off the accelerator!

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Easy parking makes sense

Estimating the distance from other vehicles when parking is not always easy but parking sensors help take away the risk by detecting objects or vehicles and giving you an audible warning, increasing in volume as the gap decreases.

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  • See the light - automatically
  • Cruise for comfort and economy
  • Easy parking makes sense
  • Put a stop to awkward hill starts
  • Steering that’s sensitive to conditions
  • Ford SYNC ready to help in emergencies
  • Tell it how it is
  • Hot stuff on a cold day
  • Wipe away the rain
  • One button start-up
  • As you like it
  • Hottest seats in the house
  • Smart thinking on phone storage
  • MyKey ends the car-share worry
  • Wing mirrors that stay safe
  • Filling-up is foolproof
  • Auto Start-Stop stops fuel waste
  • More power and more money in your pocket
  • Change to better economy
  • Computer helps figure it out
  • Get a grip in all conditions
  • Great grip for little effort
  • Airbags cushion you from impact
  • Don’t be deflated
  • Extra warning for those behind
  • Keeping thieves at bay
  • Children kept safe

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