Available with Ford’s latest Plug-in Hybrid electric technology, the All-New Ford Kuga has been meticulously crafted, combining elegant, stylish looks with tough, hard-working capability. The modern, sophisticated and sexy exterior design, combined with the versatile and spacious interior, delivers the best of everything, all in one package. You can find the New Ford Kuga for sale at your local Foray Ford dealership.


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Stress-free cruising

Innovative Adaptive cruise control automatically adjusts your cruise control speed, based on the vehicle that’s in front of you to ensure you have a safe driving distance from the car in front. The engine will even automatically stop when traffic comes to a stop, and restart again when the road is clear. This intelligent system can also recognise speed signs and adjust your cruise control speed consequently. The All-New Kuga can help you to stay positioned in the middle of your lane, using lane centring technology, which follows road markings and provides steering assistance.

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Enjoy Hybrid and petrol power!

Reach your destination, wherever it may be, more efficiently than ever before. The All-New Kuga Plug-in Hybrid uses electric and petrol powertrains as its power source. On shorter journeys, the electric powertrain will enable you to have a zero-emissions journey, and is able to charge anywhere you’ve got access to a mains supply. On longer journeys, the 2.5L petrol Duratec engine will help to recharge the battery, and take you as far as you want! There is no compromise. The All-New Kuga Plug-in Hybrid delivers the best of both worlds.

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Step into the future

Connectivity is the way of the world and the All-New Kuga provides the vital link through its FordPass Connect modem. With 4G LTE WiFi for up to 10 devices, it also offers real-time traffic updates through the in-car satnav. It can even place an eCall to the emergency services complete with vehicle location details. Not only that when you pair FordPass Connect with your smartphone through the FordPass app, It becomes even more powerful, giving access to innovative features. Your phone can locate your vehicle and even remotely operate its locking system and also monitor fuel level, mileage and tyre pressure, as well as receiving vehicle health alerts.

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